Save, organize and easily revise
the ideas you spot when
reading books

Spottid helps you benefit from great ideas you spot, providing an environment to easily save, organize and search your notes.
Secure and Fast.

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Forget the notebooks left in boxes, the folded corner of the books and the highlights that you never find when you need them.

Spottid has great features
Highlighter icon

Your own system

You have the option to highlight your notes, just like you do in a real book; you can use Tags icon tags to organize your content, or you can combine them and benefit from the both worlds.

Types icon

Keep track of your content

Keep track of the books you're currently reading, the ones you want to buy, the podcasts you want to download, etc.

Text editor icon

Great text editor

Clean and satisfying text editor that helps you write and format your notes. No need to search for markdown syntax.

Search icon

Easy to find what you're looking for

It's time to get the most out of your notes. Spottid makes it easy to search and filter your content so you can quickly revisit a topic.

Privacy icon

Privacy first

We don't sell your data to advertisers. Everything you input into the app it's yours only. We keep the app running by charging a monthly fee for Spottid Pro.

Export icon

Export your notes

Your notes belong to you and Spottid makes it easy to export your content to any device and use it everywhere.

profile icon

Public profile

Help others benefit from your notes. If you want to.
You have the option to enable a customizable public profile where you can choose what to share with the world.

reminder icon

Weekly reminders

Weekly reminders to help you revise your notes. Of course you can customize them or turn them off.

Fast loading icon

Fast loading

Content loads really fast and Spottid won't make you frustrated like you know which app.

Dark mode icon

Dark mode

Keep enjoying the experience in low-light environments.

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