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Save, organize and easily revise the content you consume.

Benefit from great ideas you spot while reading books, listening to podcasts or watching videos.

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Benefit long term from the content you consume

We naturally forget information. So we need to save it somewhere to easily revise it when needed.
Spottid helps you with this.

phone frames content presentation

Be mindful while taking notes

Highlight your notes, just like you do in a book; use #tags to organize your content, or combine them and benefit from both worlds.

spottid highlighters

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Clean and satisfying text editor

No need to search for markdown syntax.

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Easy to keep track of your content

Books you want to buy, podcasts to download, etc.

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Export your notes to any device

Your notes belong to you and Spottid makes it easy to export your content to any device.

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Dark mode included

Enjoy the experience in low-light environments.

Help others benefit from your notes

Enable your public profile page and choose what to share with the world.

public profile page

Weekly and monthly digest emails

To help you revise and remember those ideas you found interesting during the week.

Weekly digest


Go PRO and get the most benefits from the content you consume

Basic Free
50 content items / year
20 notes / content
Unlimited tags and highlighters
Export your content anytime
Mobile and Web app
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Pro 2 months free
$3.49 /month $34.9 /year
Unlimited content items
Unlimited notes
Unlimited tags and highlighters
Export your content anytime
Mobile and Web app
Public profile page
Weekly digest and summary emails
Support app improvement
Kindle import (coming soon)


Give these a read and if you still have questions just send us an email at hello@spottid.app

How does Spottid work?
Spottid helps you to remember the content you consume.

It makes it easy to take notes and revise the ideas you find interesting when you read books, listen to podcasts or watch videos.

Ok, but how?

  • save the good ideas and your thoughts about them - there's a clean and easy to use text editor so you don't need to search for markdown syntax;
  • highlight your notes with colors - just like you do in a real book;
  • keep track of the books you are reading, the ones you want to buy, the podcasts you want to listen to, etc;
  • use #tags to group contents in multiple categories.

How about revising the ideas?

Spottid helps you rediscover and remember the notes you take in 2 ways:

  1. You search with intention. Combine highlighters with tags and the search functionality and you can easily find what you're looking for.
  2. Get weekly and monthly digest emails so you can look back at what you found interesting in the past.
What is the Public Profile Page?
It's your own page where you can show the content you consume and those great notes you took.

You're the one who decides to either enable or disable the public profile page and you choose which content and notes to share with the world.

see our demo page
Is Spottid free?
Yes, Spottid Basic is free and it is a good fit for casual content consumers.

Go PRO if you want to get the most benefits from the content you consume. See here how Spottid Pro can help you.

P.S. By subscribing to Spottid Pro you also get to help us improve the app and keep offer the basic option. Thank you!
How can I get Spottid PRO?
  1. Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Log in/register -> Open menu -> Profile -> Go PRO
  3. Benefit from Spottid PRO on all devices, including web
Can I cancel my Spottid subscription?
Yes, of course. Anytime.
You can cancel your subscription from Apple Store or Google Play.

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